Q: So how’re you doing?

Good! Really good. Thanks for asking!

Q: Was that weird to ask as the first question of a F.A.Q.?

No, not at all.

Q: Good, ’cause I didn’t want to come across as too aggressive.

All good. Just looking forward to getting to the meatier questions.

Q: Fine. We’ll do it your way. How can a so-called webcomic be “without art”?

Ouch! That went downhill fast, but I do appreciated the air bunnies.

The term “webcomic” (more air bunnies!) would kind of suggest words and art on the interwebs, but here’s my thing. I’d been attempting for decades to find a visual collaborator for dpk431, but after multiple dead ends, I realized that if I was ever going to actually do a webcomic, I was going to have to find an unconventional route. And since drawing rudimentary stick figures was already done to death, I decided to go with something that had even less art. Think of it as my experiment in not giving up.

Q: If there’s no art, then why do I see art in the header and on the cover of issue #000?

About that. I did briefly collaborate with a few artists over the years who contributed some art to the proceedings (in exchange for a Bamboo drawing pad, GoFundMe donation, etc.). So with approval to use said art in hand, and a few of the pieces being amazing (which is why I’m especially bummed said collaborations failed to materialize), I figured I’d augment what I have with, well, what I have.

The good news is that a few more pieces have come in from readers since the webcomic came out, so it’s likely we’ll end up being a webcomics with some art.

Q: So what if I want to contribute some art?

Please do! I encourage folks to draw any page or character that tickles their fancy in any style they see fit. Just do me a favor and send me a copy at jen@possiblegirl.com so I can put it up on the site.

Q: What if I want to contribute a lot of art?

That would be keen. Part of me really wants to collaborate with someone, part of me wants to see where this whole “webcomic without art” can go on its own, and yet another part of me is intrigued by the concept of multiple renditions of every page, such that readers could follow along multiple paths. A little like Star War Uncut, a shot-for-shot recreation of A New Hope consisting of 473 fifteen-second segments created by a variety of fans.

Long story short (I know, too late!), if you want to send in your interpretation of the proceedings, have a party. Just make sure you send an invite to jen@possiblegirl.com. Get it? Party. Invite. I’m here all weeks, folks.

Q: Enough about the art. What’s with all the commentary under each page?

Well, it started as additional commentary for an artist, and soon grew into the monstrosity we have now. Think of it as a version of what goes on in my head every day. Granted, some days are worse than others. Some much worse. But the bottom line is that the commentary amuses me to no end. And life’s all about the little things.

Q: And all the links?

I guess I could simply embed all the GIFs on each page, but I’ve learned over the years that people immediately jump to pictures (GIFs even more so) and bypass the beautifully constructed phraseology in between. So I’m attempting to create a cadence of reading, click, surprise image, back to the show. And for the record, the links must either be something educational for an artist, or something that makes me laugh nearly every time I open it. Plus there’s the added bonus that those GIF-hating individuals (you know who you are) who don’t want to click on the links, don’t have to. So no harm, no fowl.

Q: Didn’t I read this webcomic a few years ago?

If you did, I honor you. I originally launched this site under the aegis of artworkgoeshere.com back in 2014, running weekly from March to November. But late in that year some things popped up that required me to put huge chunks of my life on hold. But no more! dpk431 is back!

Q: What happened to that DiG person who used to write this?

Funny that. DiG is me. Well, used to be me. It was a nickname I used since I was 16. But the past few years have been rather life changing for me, and I realized I needed to go with the name my mom chose for me oh so many years ago. Not too exciting I know, but it’s four years later now, and I realized that this web series is one of the things I want to return to. So same quirkiness, same story, but now, the author is 20% cooler.

Q: Are these actual questions that someone asked or are you just make them up?

Don’t you love when the voices in your head turn on you?

Q: What if a real person wants to ask you a real question?

Highly unlikely, but if you and your friends have a burning question that needs answering, please drop me a note at jen@possiblegirl.com.