Not to get too cinematic, but this is, IMHO, when my vision either starts to pays off… or nobody notices how brilliant I am. I’m guessing the latter.

“‘Splain to me, Lucy.” What I mean, Ricky, is that either readers will begin to notice a genuine sense of movement with the continued “camera pan” or the finished page will be perceived as just another webcomic panel on the interweb.

If all goes according to plan, parades will be thrown, statues will be erected, and generations of children will be named Jennifer. You know, after me. If not, well… never mind (as noted left, and lovingly misappropriated from Move Over, Emily Litella!).

Page Five Notes:

  • Needing to pee after drinking an entire Big Gulp comes from a Millennium spec script I once wrote. That’s right. I am the first person in the history of mankind to have written a joke about needing to pee after drinking too much. No wait, I’m not. Come to think of it, I believe Thomas Mallory tried the same gag in Le Morte d’Arthur.
  • Let’s see… references to I Love Lucy, 1951. Emily Littela, 1975. And Thomas Mallory, 1485. Yeah, I know. Way to skew young.
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