It had to happen sooner or later.

Demon runs out of time, Calgary runs out of bullets, and I run out of space in my panels.

So apologies for moving the page info from the first panel into the second, but much like a cat faced with the prospect of a small box (above and lovingly poached from somewhere deep in the bowls of, desperate times call for desperate measures.

Page Four Notes:

  • “No, this is the part where you die.” Can you blame me for channeling a bit of Goldfinger in my dialogue? Interestingly, whilst Auric Goldfinger was played unforgettably by Gert Frobe, he was voiced by Michael Collins (the actor, not the Irish leader, nor the actor who played the Irish leader).
  • See what I did with the ‘buss? Calgary didn’t have a chance to load the Blunderbuss because he was still unpacking it. Continuity, bitch!
  • Back in the scripting stages of dpk431, Calgary’s catchphrase was, “Crap.” Rather like The Maxx in MTV’s Oddities back in the day. Of course, now The Maxx is available as a Cubee, and I’ve moved on to, “Not good.”