Uncanny X-Men #207 was famous for ending the issue with a full-paneled sound effect, the savagely rendered… SNIKT! (Above and lovingly snatched from Chris Claremont: Mind Control Central.)

Mark Millar one-upped Chris Claremont in “Old Man Logan,” using a two-page SNIKT spread on the penultimate pages of Wolverine #72. I guess for some people, size really does matter. Or might it just be a case of overcompensation?

Speaking of snikt, let’s make sure to never mention the infamous “Route Snikty-Snikt,” nor “th’ whole snikt-pack,” both courtesy of Garth Ennis. Seriously. I can’t even

Page Seven Notes:

  • The BOX OF AMMO should be eerily reminiscent of many fine Acme products: here, here, and here (now with Oxford comma). Hence my variation as “Ye Olde Blunderbuss Ammo.” I’m sure it will come as no surprise by now that I am most entertained by the anachronistic, pseudo early modern English prefix. My favorite versions? Here and here. Yea, verily!
  • What exactly does blunderbuss ammo look like? It’s usually gunpowder, wadding and grapeshot, loaded into the muzzle of the blunderbuss. But for our purposes, we can go with something vintagely cool like this or this.
  • “No one screws with Calgary Smith.” Great line, right? That is until I realized it was from Police Academy. <sigh>.