I am very happy to announce that I have stumped Google with the search term “SHHHLURPPPP SFX.”

It’s been a long time coming, but I can finally cross that pup off my bucket list (as memorialized above and lovingly downloaded from Quick Meme).

If these things amuse you as much as they do me, try removing the “SFX” from the search term and we leap to three (!) web results. Two for this video comment:

I think the Tamil film industry is living on boobs, just like Bombay lives on thighs, and Punjabi on assssss (shhhlurpppp) hehehe

And one for this:

: whats that sound?
guy beside me: err that was you shhhlurpppp – ing your saliva

Hopefully, Google will spider my post in a few weeks, and I can OWN that search keyword “SHHHLURPPPP.”

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