“OSTENTATIOUS UTILITY BELT…” Gotta start with Batman again, folks. And then quickly move onto the Punisher whose utility belt doubles as teeth from a bleached human skull (left, and lovingly unbuckled from Geeking Out from the Long Box). I mean, we’re all a little inured to it now, but how horrifyingly cool is that?!?

Page Three Notes:

  • “GRAVITY-DEFYING THIGH BELTS.” Rob Liefeld again. I never understood how thigh belts of the ’90s ever stayed up on their own. Are they like superhero garters? (which is, and I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised, a real thing)
  • I know I’m not the first person to think of zombie rats, but if there are zombie rats in the coming zombie apocalypse, we are so screwed. Which is why most days you’ll find me in ankle boots, people. It never hurts to plan ahead and be stylish.
  • Comic book inner monologues hit their stride with Frank Miller’s original run on Daredevil (easy, Frank, I live in Lower East Side!), then The Dark Knight Returns and finally Sin City. And yeah, I know all about the original hardboiled detectives, but for me, Frank Miller will forever be the unquestioned master of gritty, urban inner monologues.
  • Apologies for the “‘voices’ ‘speaking'” quotation mark assault, but the section actually makes more sense if you use air quotes whilst reading. Not something I would recommend if you’re at work, unless you want coworkers to think you’re a loony.
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