I don’t know much about how a wooden leg is attached to one’s body, but the concept of Demon staring confusedly at what he thinks should be a regular, everyday, bloody, torn-off leg, but is in actuality a non-regular, non-everyday, non-bloody, torn-off leg with lots of non-tendony straps and velcro delights me endlessly (above and lovingly pulled from London’s Science Museum). But then again, I do consider Breaking Bad a comedy. Maybe not a romantic comedy, but the bathtub sequence still kills me every time. So there’s that. Which, oddly, was the name of my old podcast.

Page Three Notes:

  • “It’s a wooden leg, you idiot.” Might be my favorite line of dialogue to date.
  • “Oh crap.” You may remember, that used to be Calgary’s catchphrase, but it later evolved to “Not good.” So think of it as his backup catchphrase. An understudy catchphrase, if you will. Crap!