Perhaps not the exact arc I was envisioning, but Mike Tyson certainly provides the intended result. (Lovingly pried from Giphy’s Toasty collection. Yeah, I’m not sure what the connection to “toasty” is either.)

As I said in the last commentary, I am STOKED to finally get to these pages.

Why? Because, well, awesome!

Page Six Notes:

  • “Gah!” is one of my favorite exclamations, one that originated early last century. Felt more appropriate than “Ack!” from late last century in my humble opinion. Or “Ack! Ack!” for the that matter.
  • Some of you may have noticed there’s no sound effect for Thor’s hammer. I don’t think this page really needs one. And judging from past sound effects employed (here, here, here, here (seriously?), here, <sigh> and here), I think I made the right decision.
  • “Careers could be made from this page.” Seriously. Much like the “Draw me!’ ads of yore. Of course, I was always partial to Tippy and the pirate. And the clock. Most definitely the clock. Lots and lots of clocks. I know — I am so immature.