The cover to dpk431 #003 is intended to be an amalgam of posters from the immortal Rocky pentalogy. Though I guess if we want to be accurate, we’d need to include Rocky Balboa and call it a hexalogy. Or maybe even a heptalogy if we count Creed. Seriously this is the crap I think about when I can’t fall asleep at night. But back to Rocky…

  • Rocky: I tried to lean into the look and font of the original Rocky poster, using Arial Black as the primary font. And when I say Rocky, I mean Rocky Balboa, not this guy. Or, now that I think about it, this one.
  • Rocky II: Next, I attempted to mimic the Rematch of the Century template (left and lovingly pirated from DVDs Release Dates), using Rockwell Extra Bold to mimic the closed II.
  • Rocky III: While not apparent on my version of the cover, I want to capture the face-to-face aspect of Rocky Balboa vs. Clubber Lang, if and when I get someone to draw Calgary vs. Demon nose-to-nose for the final version of this cover. My prediction on that?
  • Rocky IV: I love the reversing of colors from the original, the white font now on black background.
  • Rocky V: Nothing. Not even I couldn’t enjoy that one. And I grew up in Philly.

Cover Notes: