“Spandex-encased, steroid-infused muscles…” Where to begin? How about The Dark Knight Triumphant (left, and lovingly borrowed from Comic Vine and now available as a statue!!)? Dave Sim’s Sacred Wars Roach? Ben Edlund’s classic incarnation of The Tick? Anything by Rob Liefeld?

C’mon, Rob. I keed, I keed.

Page Two Notes:

  • dpk431 #000, page two, was written in Final Draft 8, recreated in Photoshop 12, and originally delivered to digital doorsteps everywhere using WordPress 3.9 and Comic Press 4.0. There’s gotta be a winning Lotto number in there somewhere.
  • “LUDICROUS SKULL-BAT-CRESCENT-MOON EMBLEM” is an homage to the gun-magnet emblems so many heroes have worn on their chests. Batman. Punisher. Even Ultimate Moon Knight. Granted, Frank Miller tried to explain it away in The Dark Knight Returns, but come on…
  • “Ovular.” Not actually a shape, at least, so says Josef K. in Orson Welles’ 1962 adaption of The Trial. It thrills that I’m not the only one who remembers that particular repartee.
  • This is my first true scriptwriting experiment with dpk431 as I break from “proper” Final Draft formatting and reduce the font size of the last line of dialogue to match the desired dialogue effect. Not quite to the level of Dave Sim’s lettering, but I do my humble best.
  • The final line, “I can no longer feel my toes,” speaks to my incredulity at how superheroes can gambol around New York City on bitter cold nights and not even feel the cold. And, yes, I used the word gambol. 1508, bitches!
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