I’ve always liked the concept of a final coffin nail before dying. Of course in Constantine (the film, not the series), Keanu had slit his own wrists (and tendons) which is why the delightful Peter Stormare operated his lighter for him in a way only Lucifer could

I mean, they don’t call him the Dark Lord for nothing.

Page Six Notes:

  • Moi? Vamp? Perish the thought.
  • “Any final words?” What a beautiful concept — to leave the world with one final epitaph. In the world of film and television, there are far too many brilliant examples to choose from, so allow me to mention one that springs immediately to mind, that wonderful speech from Blade Runner (spoilers!). My favorite from real-life? Probably Humphrey Bogart with (reportedly), ““I should never have switched from scotch to martinis.” Or perhaps Dylan Thomas (whoever he was) with (allegedly), “I have had 18 straight whiskies, I think that’s the record.” The man ain’t got no culture! Mine? I would hope it would be as profound as something Carl Sagan once said, but in all likelihood, it will be something along these lines.
  • Oh, and the image above was lovingly hacked from a Russian website filled with lovely popups for auto-downloading anti-virus software and naked women. Don’t believe me? Then click said link at your own peril.