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Episode 002: You Say Transgender and I Say Transgendered

2015 May 4
by Jen DiGiacomo

Our second podcast episode, wherein our humble host and occasional provocateur, DiG, gets mistaken for Dante’s mom, talks about the Mayor of Portland and pestering Alton Brown. Dante, for his part, shares details on meeting Eddie Izzard, and invites Eddie and Vince Gilligan to appear on the podcast. We end with our first mailbag segment and thrashing good rant on the accepted usage of transgender vs. transgendered.

Note: When I began transitioning in 2014, I was known by my nickname DiG, which sufficed until I learned my mom had chosen Jennifer had my birth gone differently. So for historical sake, I leave the podcasts as originally conceived, but know that my name is and apparently always was Jen.
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