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(Don’t) Abandon Hope, All Ye Who Enter

2015 April 27
by Jen DiGiacomo

I know I’m behind on the blog. Very, very behind.

But I do promise to catch up eventually. Definitely this millennium. As I am fond of saying, being transgendered is not a midlife crisis. It’s not this or a motorcycle. So while I might not be writing about my transgendered life every day, I am living it every day. And now there’s the podcast. So please do bear with me. As Alton Brown says, your patience will be rewarded.

I should also clarify that each blog post is dated with the day the events occurred, not necessarily when I chose to write it. So expect more posts to be added, with dates from the mists of time.

Finally, please do feel free to share this blog (and podcast) with anyone who might be interested, and don’t be shy about leaving a comment here and there. Or, screw it, just email me at I’d love hear from you!

— DiG

Note: When I began transitioning in 2014, I was known by my nickname DiG, which sufficed until I learned my mom had chosen Jennifer had my birth gone differently. So for historical sake, I leave my posts and podcasts as originally conceived, but know that my name is and apparently always was Jen.
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Episode 101: Dr. Kübler-Ross, I Accept
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Stori Lundi
9 years ago

Get with the blogging. 🙂

9 years ago

Agree – it's time for more!

9 years ago

As you all can see, while the blog updates have slowed, the podcast is now rolling out on a weekly basis. Good times!