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Day 21: A New Normal

2014 October 13
by Jen DiGiacomo

Sunday morning coming down and I feel as if there’s a new normal in my life. Or at least, a new normal where I live.

No more hiding at home. No more fear of being who I am in my own house.

Who’d of thunk, right?

I cheerfully pad around the first floor in my bare feet, toenails still painted a dark red. I pass by my oldest who is parked on a couch and he stares fixedly at my toes.

Uh-oh. Uh-oh?

But he breaks into a smile and, “Wow, those look nice.”

I laugh, yeah, well I told you I have girl feet.

It’s a tension-free encounter that I didn’t think possible 24 hours ago. Hell, unthinkable only 24 days ago.

I don’t think full-blown girl mode is appropriate after all the Sturm und Drang of the past few days, but I do have a desire to show off my burgundy clogs. So I do. Again, a positive response. As in, wow, I like those.

It is such a delightful exchange, and I am finally able to respond how I’ve always wanted to, “Yeah, pretty cool, right?”

And the bonus in all this? I’m taller than my oldest for the first time in about three years. In your face!

Who knew being a girl could be so empowering?

Note: When I began transitioning in 2014, I was known by my nickname DiG, which sufficed until I learned my mom had chosen Jennifer had my birth gone differently. So for historical sake, I leave my posts and podcasts as originally conceived, but know that my name is and apparently always was Jen.
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