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Day 14: Lazy Sunday in Girl Mode

2014 October 6
by Jen DiGiacomo

Sunday comes and I decide I’d like to spend the day in girl mode.

My son is cool with it (again), so I change into a long burgundy skirt. My top is another story. I find myself trying on a series of different long sleeve t-shirts. Too fat. Too tight. Too bright. Too sexy (!). I then put on the one that looks just right. The black one. Modest, slimming and appropriate for a lazy Sunday.

Just like a girl, right?

I come downstairs, no clogs this time, and my son smiles again. Skirt or yoga pants, I ask.

Definitely skirt. This one’s a charmer.

We spend the day catching up on Sleepy Hollow. A normal Sunday with my son. But in girl mode.

I am a lucky man. Or girl. Or whatever. Not sure how that works yet.

In between episodes I decide to paint my toenails. Unfortunately, I’m still at the stage of painting more than the just the nails and sheepishly scrape the excess polish off my toes. Not as much as on previous attempts, but it’d be nice to master the art of toenail painting eventually.

Night comes and my son votes pizza for dinner. Okay, let me change into boy mode for the delivery guy. No need to freak out the locals. Let’s give that a few more weeks.

My son gives me a look and says, no, let’s pay cash and I’ll handle it.

For a moment I feel a little weird about that. As if I’m hiding. And I’m done with hiding. But he talks me into it.

Pizza ordered, pizza arrives and it’s all good.

Now it’s important that you know something about me. I am incapable of eating dinner without dripping stain-inducing blobs of food on myself. Usually when I’m wearing a white shirt. But the burgundy skirt goes with the sauce, so it doesn’t portend to be a complete disaster. That said, I’ve learned to drape a tea towel over my skirt when I eat. And shockingly no spills this time.

We end the evening with me still in girl mode and it’s wonderful. I literally have never spent the day with someone whilst in girl mode. Ever. And the best part is that it’s starting to feel almost “normal.”

Note: When I began transitioning in 2014, I was known by my nickname DiG, which sufficed until I learned my mom had chosen Jennifer had my birth gone differently. So for historical sake, I leave my posts and podcasts as originally conceived, but know that my name is and apparently always was Jen.
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Linda Basilicato
Linda Basilicato
8 years ago

All three of my stepchildren have worn painted nails, and two of them are boys! Jack is openly gay. Matthew they call a lesbian because he likes girls, lol! ..Maybe one day there will be a general term for those who like women and those who like men regardless of their own sex or gender or transgenderedness.