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Day 6: Montgomery Mall

2014 September 28
by Jen DiGiacomo

Computer Tsunami 2014 continues.

This time I travel to Montgomery Mall, nearer to my house to pick up my fifth computer in two weeks.

Boy mode. Mall. Hair ties.

And with my confidence at an all-time high from Friday, I stride through the mall, feeling really good about myself. It is then that I notice several extended stares from guys. At the hair ties on my wrist.

And then another stare. And another. Exaggerated double takes and looks of disbelief.

Over a few multi-colored hairbands.

Seriously, guys?

But instead of getting depressed. Instead of shame, I am defiant.

I am transgendered, hear me roar, right? Fuck this shit. This is who I am.

I catch the eyes of a few of these guys, usually with their girlfriends in tow, oblivious to this interplay, and give the guys my look of defiance. And probably a little bit of, you wanna make something of this?

It seems to catch them off guard and they shuffle off, their eyes fixedly on the ground.

God, it feels great.

Ellen Ripley. Sarah Connor. Beatrix Kiddo. Eat your hearts out.

Note: When I began transitioning in 2014, I was known by my nickname DiG, which sufficed until I learned my mom had chosen Jennifer had my birth gone differently. So for historical sake, I leave my posts and podcasts as originally conceived, but know that my name is and apparently always was Jen.
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